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Sep 25, 2012 6:00pm PDT
to terms with one another. >> reporter: the law professor is the former chair of the national relations board who helped end the strike of 1994. he wrote a book called baring with baseball. >> they may have reached to far and maybe not anticipating the backlash against the undermining of both the integriny of game and safety. >> reporter: along with a to call on this hit to bay. they say the controversial ending is only the latest in a series of questionable calls. some say its time for the nfl to reach a deal. >> it's a billion dollar business. get it over. >> reporter: the two sides are reportedly not close to a deal on issues such as pensions, he said things can change quickly under this kind of public pressure. >> and you can join the conversation on our facebook page. if the replacement referees have impacted their view of the nfl. just look for it online. >>> register to vote. that's the message leaders want to get out. as part of the national voter registration day, barbara lee hosted a for the people voter protection event at the building plaza. they say they hope to call att
Sep 24, 2012 6:00pm PDT
into law to help prevent child sexual abuse. it was prompted by penn state sex abuse scandal. the bill requires coaches and administrators to report suspected child abuse. california laws already requires reporting by teachers. >>> principal was arraigned on drug charges in san jose. police arrested eric dean lewis last thursday after he offered to supply drugs to a under cover officer. investigators later found methamphetamine and other drugs in his home. he did not enter a plea today. he is set to return to court on friday. >>> protesters marched twice in the past week smashing windows and spraying graffiti. they are protesting police brutality but many say they have gone too far. ktvu's david stevenson is live in san francisco where the police chief is meeting with neighbors. david. >> reporter: that's right. right now san francisco's police chief is having the second of two town hall meetings about the officer involved shooting and the vandalism that came after it. >> reporter: residents and merchants shared their anger about the protest and vandalism sparked by a officer involved
Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm PDT
in the best of the west law enforcement competition. concord swat team made the top five and the sniper was first place. the competition included a course and shooting events that tested physical conditioning along with marksmanship. >> the governor signed a bill to limit carrying some guns openly in public. it bans the display of unloaded rifles and shot guns outside of a vehicle there. are exemptions for hunting and. it was written after some started carrying unloaded long guns in protest against other laws. >> locked out workers will be back on the job soon. last month a judge ruled the club had illegally locked out employees. they ordered them to bring them back and pay them badge wages estimated to be almost $2 million. now a union spokeswoman said they will be allowed to return on october 16th. >> apple ceo apologized today for its glitchy new mapping app. in a statement the ceo said apple is working to improve the app that replaced google maps on their products. users have reported disohrted imagines and wrong directions. until it's done he told customers to try other things l
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
safely. it is believed the two others were not wearing life vests. the fire that gutted his law office is the latest in a string of attacks against him. they confirmed the fire was intentionally set. the case is being treated as a act of domestic terrorism. the mayor says this isn't the first time he has been targeted. >> i have had written threats. verbal threats. telephone threats but none to the level of this type. >> the mayor says he believes the attacks are politically motivated. he is not fearful for his life but is concerned for his family. investigators arrested a woman in connection with a car fire over the weekend. firefighters found the vehicle on fire saturday afternoon. police said today they arrested a woman on felony arson charges. >>> two people were hurt today when a car slammed into a restaurant. happened this afternoon. the car crashed right into the front of the restaurant, smashing out a window. witnesses say the injuries do not appear to be serious. authorities haven't said what caused the crash. >>> a controversial proposed study off the coast has environmentest
Sep 26, 2012 6:00pm PDT
a 1994 law, the manufacturers are responsible for ensuring their products are safe before they hit the market. together to the fda -- according to the fda, manufacturers do not need to register products with the government before putting them on sale. critics say it allows them too much latitude to make unproven claims. >>> residents in three counties are about to get hit with a sales tax hike. it will take effect october 1. hurkiallys, pittsburg and sab pab low. increases to 8.75%. >>> counties that have developed ways to maximize jail space without compromising puplic safety. marin, santa clara, santa cruz, san francisco and yolo. part of a series of studies aimed at providing information to reduce over crowding. >> some successful counties are offering treatment programs programs. they are in the community receiving services, able to work and be with their families. >> a study of policies is set to be released next week. >>> california school rankings could undergo a shift. under the law tests can only make up 60% of a school's annual statewide rankings. it will allow schools to
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5